Yesterday: Content Is King! Today: Content Was King!

People tend to neglect that to make a web-page worthwhile for a search engine to index it must contain content. Otherwise it will not  attract attention. A recent article of Jim Singer of AT Kearney sheds some light on this intriguing matter. Jim discusses the new DNA of content, and how to use it to your benefit.

Did you know that the global market on media and entertainment is about 1.8 trillion dollars? About 1 million professionals, writers, editors, photographers, producers, technologists and others earn their income in this branch. And lots of others try become part of it. And did you know that news lasts today 25% shorter than 10 years ago?

My ‘Old’ Truth on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The New Adagio.

SEO was all about content: See my blogs on Internet Marketing (For Dummies?) and content is king!

Why do these figures from the AT Kearney article interest me, not being very interested in media and entertainment. Because in his article Jim discusses the new information durance trends.

Today you need more than content alone, and you need to refresh your content faster!

There are 3 things to optimize for your target audience:

  1. A relevant subject
    Your audience needs to be interested in the subject.
  2. The capture and the brand
    Your audience must recognize the name. Not only names play an important role, but also the feelings and environment all taking part in the brand.
  3. The distribution
    Access to the message and the speed it is delivered are very important.

You want to reclaim your position? AT Kearney suggests 3 steps:

  1. Measure the customer value perception
    This used to be called the relative perception of quality by the target audience.
  2. Manage the content and talent pipeline
    Identify, nurture and coach talent.
  3. Flex content production and delivery operations
    Make sure content is delivered at your target audience then and there where the audience expects it to be delivered.

How much do these steps differ from the past? Actually, and fortunately, not to much. The relative quality concept, deliver quality to your target audience as your audience expect is to be, is a concept some 20 years old. It translates to: Listen to your customers. Texas Instruments called it: Adapt or Die!

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