The Requirements Management Checklist: Recognize a Project That Benefits from More Grip

Some program managers think that the success of a program is driven by the trust people got during the execution of the program tracks. Those managers do not think the success is attributed to grip, as grip usually is lacking. This leads to the question of the next paragraph.

What Is Grip?

And perhaps there are some more things you can do. In my view the question here is what is grip, and where does it come from. I would describe grip as the process that makes sure that the outcome of the project has a reasonable chance of a certain desired outcome. At least it should be between a desired minimum outcome, and desired maximum outcome.

How Can You Get More Grip?

Then the question is how do we get there: What should we do, making this process behave in such a way that this sought outcome will be reached. In fact we are talking about some implementation of requirements management. We are looking for a way to turn intangible thoughts into tangible and thus measurable objectives. This is what we want to pursue. You could call it the goal if you want to: Key Business Requirements (KBRs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs!

My advice is to use the requirements management checklist as a guide, and turn that into specific guidelines for your goal. A few points from this checklist. Be aware of projects with:

  • Complexity in functionalities.
  • Complexity in dependencies of other business projects.
  • Complexity of dependencies with other departments.
  • Balancing complex priorities.
  • Budget over 100k Euro.

In order to resolve the business priorities in relation to complexity issues make sure that you let requirements mark in the categories:

  1. Must have
  2. Should have
  3. Nice to have

Start with ‘Must have’ business requirements, implement those, and evaluate: What is good, and what is to be enhanced: End of phase 1, and possibly the start of phase 2.

I would know no other way to get more grip!

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